“Retail Armageddon” – Episode 5, Season 1

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Dave, DP & Christina talk about the impending “retail armageddon,” the rise of Amazon, the upcoming UPS contract battle, and the fight for community control of the police in Jacksonville. As promised, they look at the real origins of the Fourth of July and the American revolution from a working class perspective on Red Pill/Blue Pill. Later, they break down the new Spiderman film (Spiderman: Homecoming) and look at why superhero movies have gotten so bad. And back by popular demand, they announce this week’s Working Class Hero & Ruling Class Asshole.

Download “Retail Armageddon” – Episode 5, Season 1 here.

The “Apocalypse Now” Episode

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In a special edition of the Worker Power Hour, we bring you the “Apocalypse Now” Episode. Dave & DP riff on international politics, talking about North Korea, China, the Middle East, the ongoing crisis in Europe and Russia. If you like the show and want more of this kind of coverage, let us know.

Episode 5 of Season 1 comes out tomorrow. Make sure to stay tuned to the Worker Power Hour.

Download The “Apocalypse Now” Episode here.