“Frontline Fighters – EVERYTHING TEAMSTERS Part 2” – Episode 10, Season 1

From left to right: Gabriella Killpack (Utah, Local 222), Dave Schneider (Florida, Local 512), Dustin Ponder (Florida, Local 512), Joan Elaine Miller (Pennsylvania, Local 623)

Dave & DP return for part 2 of their coverage at the TDU Convention. They interview union fighters across the country about the struggles facing Teamster women, the fight for $15/hour, building solidarity between Black and white workers, and the soul and direction of the Teamsters union. 

Big shouts out to our ALL TEAMSTERS EVERYTHING interview guests – Gabriella Killpack (Utah, Local 222), Joan Elaine Miller (Pennsylvania, Local 623), David Loobie (New York, Local 804), Lennox James (New York, Local 804), Dave Bernt (Chicago, Local 705), John Palmer (Southern Region Vice President).


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