“Jersey Shore, Class War” – Episode 2, Season 2 ft. Michael Sampson

Strike fever continues as the squad talks about the Jersey City Teachers strike last week, billionaires, and Florida public sector unions fighting against decertification.

We’re joined by AFSCME Council 79 union representative and Jacksonville Community Action Committee co-founder Michael Sampson (@BrotherFlourish on Twitter), who offers some insight on why and how the working class should fight against racism. And we roast a certain National Review article calling for public-sector unions to “be destroyed.” Stay tuned for our Working Class Hero and Ruling Class Asshole of the week at the end.

Produced and edited by the intrepid Adam Gerardo.

“Jersey Shore, Class War” – Episode 2, Season 2 ft. Michael Sampson

“Strike Fever” – Season 2, Episode 1

We’re back for Season 2 to talk about the strike fever that’s sweeping the nation’s teachers – from West Virginia to Oklahoma. We talk about Teamsters United’s recent steward victories in Jacksonville, FL, and International Working Women’s Day. We take a look at the looming economic crash coming in the near future, roast scabs like Mark Janus, and name our Ruling Class Asshole of the week.

Worker Power Hour has a new producer – Adam Gerardo from Jacksonville, who edited this episode. Shouts out. Excited to have him on board. #unionPOWER


“Strike Fever” – Season 2, Episode 1