Worker Justice ft. Ben Dictor – Ep 6, S2

New York labor lawyer Benjamin Dictor joins us for a hard-hitting interview on labor law in the U.S. and the recent victory earlier this year by LA Times reporters and staff, who won their union campaign after 136 years. Ben serves as legal counsel for the NewsGuild in New York, who organized the LA Times, and spoke with us about this and more at the 2018 Labor Notes Conference in Chicago, IL. You don’t want to miss his story about putting the Vegan Bernie Madoff behind bars for wage theft.

We hit on the Arizona teachers’ vote to walk out as #strikefever continues, Trump’s missile attacks on Syria, JetBlue flight attendants voting to unionize, and NYC construction workers fighting back against anti-union attacks by contractors.

We’ve also got our UPS Contract Update of the week, and slam the Company’s proposal for a 70-Hour work week for package car and feeder drivers.

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If you want to watch the documentary about the Hot & Crusty workers’ union campaign that Ben references in the episode, you can watch it here.

“Power & Practice: An Inside Look at Teamsters Local 89” – Labor Notes – Episode 5, Season 2


(From Left to Right) – Bryan Trafford, Stephen Piercey & Jay Dennis. Bryan isn’t asleep! He just blinked mid-picture.

At the Labor Notes Convention in Chicago, IL, we sat down with some of our Teamster brothers from Local 89 out of Louisville, Kentucky, home of Teamsters United leader Fred Zuckerman.

Joining us for the hour are Jay Dennis (Political Organizer & Business Agent), Stephen Piercey (Communications Director) and Bryan Trafford (Shop Steward). We talk about what makes Local 89 a fighting Teamsters local, in contrast with the business unionism we see in so much of the labor movement today.

Throughout the episode, you’ll hear us riff on the ongoing UPS contract negotiations, organizing non-union workplaces, especially in core industries, and building a fighting local union that mobilizes the rank-and-file. We cover strategies for organizing Amazon, the teachers strike in Kentucky, and developing independent political action for the working class.

Local 89 has dynamic leadership with vision for building a fighting working class movement in this country, from their President Fred Zuckerman at the top all the way to rank-and-file shop floor leaders. We think this unique aspect really comes out in our interview, and we think Teamsters and union members across this country will learn a lot from listening to it.

Stay tuned at the end where we do a special Blue Moon of Kentucky edition of “Working Class Heroes & Ruling Class Assholes.”


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“Teachers Strike Back: From Puerto Rico to Chicago” – LABOR NOTES Exclusive, Episode 4, Season 2

At the 2018 Labor Notes Conference in Chicago, IL, we interview Sarah Chambers from the Chicago Teachers Union and Edwin Morales, Vice President of the Puerto Rico Teachers Federation, about the wave of teachers strikes in the U.S.

Edwin talks about the planned May 1 Teachers strike in Puerto Rico and the fight against privatization. Sarah talks charter schools with us and the fight to win decent funding for public education in Chicago. We all talk about the need for militant union leadership and riff on our favorite moments fighting management.

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“Teachers Strike Back: From Puerto Rico to Chicago” – LABOR NOTES Exclusive, Episode 4, Season 2