What is the Worker Power Hour?


Worker Power Hour is the only podcast where you’ll get a 99%, working class perspective, 100% of the time, from the headlines to the frontlines.

Join Dave, DP & Christina every week to get the latest news, analysis and debate from a working class perspective. Show your solidarity by subscribing, sharing, and helping us promote the show to friends and coworkers.


Dave Schneider is a shop steward for Teamsters Local 512 in Jacksonville, FL. A graduate of the University of Florida, Dave’s is also a leader in the labor movement and a founder of the Jacksonville Progressive Coalition – a major community activist group in northeast Florida.

Dustin Ponder (DP) is a member of Teamsters Local 512 in Jacksonville, FL. He’s been an activist in the labor movement, the struggle for racial justice and the struggle for social equality. DP’s worked as an organizer for the AFL-CIO, an activist in the Fight For $15 campaign in New York City, and a rank-and-file shop floor union activist.

Christina Kittle is an after-school girls teacher and community activist in Jacksonville, FL. She is an active leader in the Black Lives Matter movement and a tireless advocate for women and the queer community.