“Fred Zuckerman Interview – EVERYTHING TEAMSTERS” – Episode 9, Season 1 ft. Kas Schwerdtfeger

Dave & Dustin interview Fred Zuckerman, president of Teamsters Local 89 and last year’s Teamsters United candidate for General President, on the Worker Power Hour. We talk everything Teamsters – the UPS contract fight, the pension crisis, organizing Amazon, hurricane relief in Puerto Rico, and taking a stand against white supremacists.

We also interview Kas Schwerdtfeger, package car driver and Teamsters Local 344 shop steward, about the new Amazon Key delivery program and the future of the Teamsters.

Part 1 of our two-part Worker Power Hour special at the Teamsters for a Democratic Union convention in Chicago.

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“A grievance a day keeps the boss away” – Episode 7, Season 1

dave wph

The squad assembles to talk about Colin Kaepernick’s grievance against the NFL, Richard Spencer’s disastrous speech at UF, the upcoming UPS contract fight, why the Fraternal Order of Police isn’t a real union, the terrible Blade Runner sequel, and to shout out the Chapo Trap House podcast.

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“Dotard Trump Goes to the U.N.” – Episode 6, Season 1

ray lewis kneeling

Dave, DP and Christina are back after Hurricane Irma. The #TakeAKnee protests in the NFL, Teamster-UPS contract negotiations and Trump’s genocidal threats at the UN are all on the table. They also talk about the continued fight for community control of the police and name this week’s Working Class Hero and Ruling Class Asshole.

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“Retail Armageddon” – Episode 5, Season 1

Closing Store Graphic

Dave, DP & Christina talk about the impending “retail armageddon,” the rise of Amazon, the upcoming UPS contract battle, and the fight for community control of the police in Jacksonville. As promised, they look at the real origins of the Fourth of July and the American revolution from a working class perspective on Red Pill/Blue Pill. Later, they break down the new Spiderman film (Spiderman: Homecoming) and look at why superhero movies have gotten so bad. And back by popular demand, they announce this week’s Working Class Hero & Ruling Class Asshole.

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The “Apocalypse Now” Episode

apocalypse now.jpg

In a special edition of the Worker Power Hour, we bring you the “Apocalypse Now” Episode. Dave & DP riff on international politics, talking about North Korea, China, the Middle East, the ongoing crisis in Europe and Russia. If you like the show and want more of this kind of coverage, let us know.

Episode 5 of Season 1 comes out tomorrow. Make sure to stay tuned to the Worker Power Hour.

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“We’re Back, Baby” – Episode 4 – Season 1


Worker Power Hour is back, and badder than ever before. After an extended, state-imposed hiatus, Dave & Dustin are back on the mic… And this time, they’re joined by new co-host Christina Kittle.

The trio discuss the GOP Senate health care bill, the recent #Jax5 victory over police repression in the Deep South, thoughts on the new film Alien: Covenant, and who really controls the media in the United States.

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“Surveillance & Small Business” – Episode 3 – Season 1

Dave & DP tackle the GOP’s failure to pass “Trumpcare,” laws signed by Trump that kill safety and wage theft protections for workers, and state surveillance on activists… including Dave! They rip into the myth that small business is the cornerstone of the economy, take a look at two new movies, and introduce a brand new segment: Working Class Heroes & Ruling Class @$$holes.


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“Skynet Will Take Your Job” – Episode 2, Season 1

DP & Dave riff on the Trumpcare disaster, Supreme Court Nominee Neil “Soft-hands” Gorsuch, The AT&T workers strike and Chicago Teachers fighting back. The episode features an interview with special guest Dr. Jose Soto on immigration and automation, discussions on skyrocketing mortality rates facing working class whites, and black athletes fighting for economic & social justice.


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“Pilot” – Episode 1, Season 1 – Worker Power Hour

Dave & DP discuss the incoming Trump cabinet, the Democratic party’s meltdown in 2016, the challenges facing the union movement and the strategy of its labor leaders, and review Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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**This is a re-uploaded episode with an audio player embedded in the post for convenience.